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SD-83 Smart WiFi Smoke Detector

Supported: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

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Product description
Product description


Battery: 2pcs 123A battery, 2600ma up to 5 years
Standby Current: <25uA
LED: green led flashes every 45 seconds when standby; red led flashes when alarm;
Smoke Detection Sensitivity: 0.0002%m/obs
Smoke Detection Range: 0.0002%m/obs -800.0000%m/ obs
Working Temperature: -5°C -50°C; Humidity: <90%RH

The SD-83 smoke detector is a WiFi transmitted, powerful, microprocessor controlled, sensitivity and high decibel alarm with voice reminder; it is easy for wall mounting and suitable for a variety of applications like, homes, warehouses, hotels, companies, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

1. APP supported, alert you anywhere anytime
2. Local alarm with sound and led flash
3. 5 years battery life
4. Simple to use and sensitive